Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cast Your Vote Correctly

We seem to be living in a world of "undecideds." No one is able to make a decision on the big issues that matter. Just take a look at the number of people who couldn’t make up their minds in some recent elections.

So if you can’t choose who should be your President, Governor, Prime Minister or Premier then how will you ever be able to make up your mind on the truly major questions in your life such as; what plumbing fixtures, kind and colour of paint, type of tile, or variety of flooring do you buy when renovating?

These are not weighty issues you say? Not true! Being undecided about such issues has broken up many a relationship (both between spouses and contractors) and some people might find it easier to settle the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Here’s a news flash. I’m not about to solve your problems on this one. I’m only here to make your decision easier by giving you the right questions to ask the pros in order to make your choice.

Step 1: Think About Longevity
Are you the kind of person who has happy feet, moving from place to place, or are you the type who expects to be carried out feet first from your property? How long you intend to stay in your current home should factor into your budget.

Step 2: Think About Durability
Is your home more functional or museum like? (Hint: if your living room is roped off and the sofa is covered in plastic, it’s the latter). How often the fixtures or material will be in use is important to know to determine quality of product.

Step 3: Think About Colour
There are certain colours of products you might tire of after a period of time; or colours that might not be pleasing to buyers (yes, I’m talking to you folks who still have harvest gold or avocado green kitchen appliances!)

There is a test. And you are going to have to live with the answers to that test, in some cases, for years to come. So study up before you give your final answers.

Plumbing Fixtures:

  • Choose a faucet with parts that are readily and speedily available. Call distributors to find out how long that particular faucet and or parts have been in existence.


  • Choose a toilet that answers to your needs. Do you want a showcase or a workhorse? Your choice depends on balancing your need for pretty or functional.
  • Choose a toilet that fits to the existing area.
  • Choose a toilet that uses conventional parts so you may repair it easily with generic pieces.


  • Make sure the type of paint is right for the specific purpose. For instance you will need epoxy paint for concrete, or exterior paint for exterior weather conditions. Not all paints are created equal.


  • The type of paint finish is important to know. A more glossy finish will be easier to wash off junior’s creative crayoning, but more gloss also shows more wall imperfections.


  • Certain tiles are textured or grooved and might collect dirt more easily.
  • Certain types of tiles are more porous than others and might stain easier.

On Site Condition:

  • What type of material is the tile being laid on?
  • Does this tile need a membrane installed beforehand?


  • Heavy traffic areas sometimes not only require specific flooring but might need a special rough base preparation.

On Site Condition:

  • Think of what type of finished flooring best suits your needs. Do you want something that keeps your toes warm and toasty? Do you have members of your family that are allergic to certain fibers?

There are many questions to ask and answers may differ between pros. It is fine to double or triple check responses. You’ve always been told to get a second opinion when it comes to your health. It’s no different here with your house. You have to live with the work that is done long after the hired professionals are gone.

One good place to start asking questions is not only to representatives but manufacturers as well. It's also good to find out the pros and cons to materials. Then you can figure which material gives you less problems than others.

Take your time to decide. Only then, just like in an election, you can vote your conscience knowing you’ve debated all sides of the issue. If your thoughts get blocked and you’re still undecided, feel free to ask a professional. We’re usually easy to find. In my case, I’m just around the drain.


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